The Journey to JP Dog Foundation

The JP Dog Foundation is finally set up to offer 1-to-1 dog walking and training services in London, and the journey has only just begun. In this first blog post, I wanted to delve into why I started the JPDF, where I aim to expand it towards and more.

Why did I start JP Dog Foundation?

It took a while for me to finally find the courage to start JP Dog Foundation. The idea of starting my own dog-related business always appealed to me, however I never knew exactly how to go about it and always thought I was too young in my early-twenties. Before starting JPDF I had jobs in both marketing and hospitality but deep down always knew I didn’t want to work to make someone else’s dream a reality. Since volunteering at a dog shelter in college and dog walking throughout my time at university, I have had a passion to rehabilitate dogs and help strays or unwanted dogs in any way I can. After travelling Sri Lanka in early 2020 and witnessing the number of stray dogs there I finally decided to put my all in and work towards my dream. Whilst the JPDF is only in its infancy I am committed to both training and walking dogs in London, and donating 5% of profits to amazing UK dog charities that are doing life-changing work across the country. You can learn more about the charities the JPDF supports here, and stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on the fantastic work that they are doing around the UK.

What services does the JP Dog Foundation offer?

At present, The JP Dog Foundation offers 1-to-1 walking services in London for antisocial dogs or dogs looking for personalised walks, and accept all breeds and sizes. Your dog will be walked by myself, Jordan Philippe (Founder of JP Dog Foundation), at whatever time and day is convenient for you. I have extensive knowledge of dog behaviour with an advanced Level 4 Dog Behaviour Diploma and I am trained in Canine First Aid from the British College of Canine studies, as well as having full dog walkers insurance, courtesy of AXA. Additionally, the JPDF offers dog day care and overnight boarding (either at my house with enclosed garden or in the comfort of your own home) – however there is limited space for these services and are subject to availability. Find out more about the London dog walking and training services the JPDF offers here.

Where do I see the JP Dog Foundation expanding too?

We can never be sure what the future holds but I hope to, and am striving towards, one day opening a rehabilitation centre to help dog owners train their dogs out of unwanted behaviour, as well as having a facility to take in stray or abandoned dogs and re-home them, all whilst hopefully continuing the 1-to-1 walking business with a team of qualified trainers. I would also love to expand the business and not only help dogs in the UK but also abroad, such as in the Netherlands where I grew up and spent my entire childhood. And at the heart of it, I want to continue supporting the fantastic work of animal charities to whom donations are so vital.

Stay updated with the JP Dog Foundation through this blog and over on the JPDF Instagram. This blog will post about general updates about the foundation, highlights of JP Dogs, dog behaviour and training advice, exciting news about the charities the JPDF supports and more. Lots more to come this year – stay tuned! #JPDF





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